Digital, but still human.

SkillGym is an interactive video. No puppets, no avatars.

Human beings come alive in a seamless experience, where you are totally immersed in the situation.

You can feel their emotions, see their hesitations, hear their whispers. Each actor has his own personality and a story carefully designed to make you feel like he is one of your people.

The simulation is played in real time with no pauses or freezes. Everything that happens is entirely influenced by the way you play.

Smart, they learn and adapt.

You interact with SkillGym choosing what to say among several options that the simulation presents to you when it’s your turn to talk.

Each option is written by professional storytellers, showing one aspect of a typical behavior that you may want to apply at that point in the conversation.

The more you play, the more SkillGym knows about you and the more the options will reflect your style.

Complete, with all the details.

Each scenario is crafted with care to represent a real situation. The character is made up of a personality, a social background, visible and hidden needs to discover and address.

Trainees can prepare for the meeting by discovering the character’s profile, the context of the conversations, the objective and the recommended leadership style they should apply.

This help you develop the powerful habit of preparing for a meeting

Situational, each day is different.

Each time you play, expect something to change in the character’s mood.

12 Artificial Intelligence algorithms work in parallel to ensure that each of the character’s reactions is balanced to show how intentions and feelings are continuously influenced by the player’s interactions.

The entire interview is a flow of real time emotions, turning SkillGym into an authentic way of dealing with human moods and personality attributes.

Challenging, on Self-Awareness.

At the end of each simulation, SkillGym analyzes the trainee’s performance and picks some questions to reflect upon, before providing feedback and metrics.

Not only it is a valuable time to measure one’s self-awareness of what just happened during the conversation, it also makes it easier to turn it into a smart habit that any leader should follow to improve their skills.

Developing Confidence.

Each simulation closes with a Feedback session.

Long before providing metrics, it provides feelings.

The character personally reports after having returned to his desk and discusses with colleagues the outcome of the conversation.

What does he think about us? Did we do well? Were we too pushy? Or too vague?

It’s a privilege that we don’t have in real life and it’s an incredible boost in developing Confidence and Self-Awareness in Critical Conversations.

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