What I Learned in My First Two Years as a Software Engineer

The way to master conversational leadership goes through humble and consistent practice, developing self-awareness and confidence. It’s easier than you think to grow better leaders in your organization.
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University and the Workplace
It was 2015 and I was a student at the University of Florida. During that time, I studied under a professor who, for what was probably the hardest class in the department, would assign multiple team based projects throughout the semester. At the end of each project, the professor would evaluate each student individually. When the next project came around, this professor grouped the best students from previous assignments together, and the worst students on their own teams. By the end of the semester, each student either fought their way into a strong team and succeeded, or ended up failing on a team full of low performers. It was beautiful. The strong were not forced to carry the weak, and the weak could either get strong or die. This environment could be aptly described by the word meritocracy. This system rewards the most talented students and allowed the students who didn’t work hard to sink with their own ship. I loved it.

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